Mercury Bay Museum
11A The Esplanade
Whitianga  New Zealand
Phone 07 866 0730


History of the Museum

The building which houses the Mercury Bay Museum was originally built in 1937 as a dairy factory. In 1972 the Mercury Bay Dairy Factory ceased operations.

The Whitianga Lions Club had begun a Lions project in 1971 and had raised sufficient funding by 1978 to buy the Mercury Bay Dairy Factory building. The land and buildings were officially transferred by deed of trust to Thames Coromandel District Council (TCDC) in perpetuity and forever to be used as a museum.

The Mercury Bay Museum opened in 1979 and has continued operation ever since. At first the Mercury Bay Historical Society operated and managed the museum on behalf of the community.

In April 2004 the Mercury Bay Museum Trust Board was formed to manage the growing museum.

In 2008 the Mercury Bay Museum Trust Board became a Charitable Trust. The trust continues to take care of the museum management.

With more than 6000 visitors a year, the museum is the most visited on the Coromandel Peninsula.